Collections of words, by Woods.

Month: July, 2014



…a collection of words by woods.

Welcome to the ownership.

masts and brass, anchors and rope.

…A vessel where we look to the stars

                                                          -for we plot the courses.

The teacher is, are and will be broad

Breathe deep. Feel nervous. Breathe deep.

Sirens will sing the voice of vice, so plug your ears and think well twice.

We all bought in,

                           liking what was,

                                          and set for

                                                           sail on the journey- the trip.

Realize. Accept…and once again:

Welcome aboard the ownership.

Where we piss to the wind, life experience our leader.

Resist internal mutiny

 stomp yer pegged leg or bark at the moon but allllways fly the flag.

Remember the only valuable lessons are the ONES

                                                                             so WE

                                                                                       KEEP on

                                                                                                      continuously conversing

                                                                                                                                             and searching

                                                                                                                                                                 and while sailing our souls through the wind chop and knolls.

            Remember always to bring it back to the building blocks…

                                                                                                                                 the cornerstone.

What was the point?

To make a point? Argue a point? Object a point…

Can we pointLESS at the problems and more to solutions.

More than just Solution A and Solution B

                                                               A diagnostic relation,

                                                                                               not always best,

                                                                                                                        expressed mathematically…

Nor simply tossed back and forth

                                                   with our philosophical


                                                                                                    pried open

our emotions engaged.

No turning back.

Now we turn


                         and face.

Wits tight, shoulders square, straight backs—>Attack

the inequality of man imposed, dualistic structures.

A transformation, a reconciliation for,

                                                           to some,

                                                                         ignorance was bliss.

Know, now is the time for discourse and collaboration.

Colin Powel-the ex U.S.Secretary


                                                   toSTATE that:

                                                                          “Perpetual Optimism is a force multiplier”

– don’t scowl- simplify- divided opinions and by subtracting the context from this piece we are left with the Big-O.

Optimism is contagious. Optimism

..is, has and always will be

                                         the key,

                                                     for at the very least, this hopeful homie.

                                                                                                                  …this writing, rapping, rhyming



yourself into thinking like your partners for projects- with all


                                                                                                     FOR and respect the reason.

Reel in the point of the practice:

-to catch the metaphorical fish…

So, YIP, YIP ALL ABOARD the Ownership.

Take, just for one moment, an image of vessel, now for ten mirror seconds

allow me to demasculate… a poor straw man (now female), for arguments sake.


Sails down, masts up.

Thats the way we like to ….


                                                         practiced procreation for obvious enjoyable recreation.

Where is the love?

Boy-sterous banter or ego-inflation PAUSE


                                                                   and deflate, dismiss, then decompose

                                              press PLAY

                                                                                                                             and fertility will follow, then new growth…

Neither muscle nor mind, rather raw true self.

Plants lose leaves through “leaf abscission”…therefore…Number

1.) Ego abscission. It is paramount

    TO.) plant your roots deeply in eachothers lives

            3.) Cultivate through colaboration and

                 FOR.) the mutually beneficial techniques, trials and healthy smiles.

The Voyage is long. The bounty is varied. The stress is tangible.

So before you accept to,

                                  or even expect to,

                                                              spit scurvied teeth from gums and cheek.

Remember it can be preventable:

simply harvest the citrus fruits

                                              of your lab-or-ous

                                                                           love for the learning.

Individual treasure, communal wealth

Speech between neighbours…

when two questions face one another: an idea can be seen?


Celebrate diversity and the mirror image of

                                                               and if


                                                                         lose your sense of direction or even destination

just remember the conundrum of the windless doldrums and think about

the North and South easterly trades

Turn your back to the land, throw sense to the sea

volta do mar” the shit out of life!

follow the winds of change…

In complete circles if need be and dependent on


seen as a reward

or just as a bust

I still wish to thank all of thee for our, newly established trust.

You are now extended family

SO- be there for them and here for you.

The point of the practice

Optimism is contagious

and to digest daily our self farmed fruits

on this personal navigation along un-plotted courses

throwing down on unseen forces

we bring each other up

so please Give a fuck

and once again, Id like to finish with two more






Manologues is the long overdue platform for discussing what it means to be a man and was created by Quest University Alumni Jon Farmer, who conducted several interviews with men across the globe about what it meant to them to be a “man” in society today.  Vagina monologues has a male counter-part.

“I’ll Tell Them” BY:  Jon Farmer, performed by Rosa Culbertson

“Aidan” BY: Andrew Wood

Constants & Variables

A performance from ‘Cabaret Expectations‘ about the concept of Constants & Variables at Quest University Canada