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Month: September, 2015

A Crew That Conquered (Short)

Squamish Valley Music festival, at the best it will ever be (for me at least).


Rosa Bud & The Chia Seeds

To all of those in long-distance relationships…

“BACKYARD SESSIONS: Building A Monster”

Happy to present my first published article, complete with the first photo of me snowboarding to make it to the glossy pages.  This article came from a serendipitous walk in the rain with Rosa and my moms because we wanted to drink a bottle of wine. Instead of our going to our go to, we ended up at the closest restaurant where I met the head editor and publisher of Mountain Life. Open to random interactions and you never know what can happen.

Backyard Sessions "Westbeach Weave"

Mountain Life’s Online flip magazine is at the link below!